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Products and Applications Example 2


Application: Feeding Cement/Gypsum

Info: Vibra-Screw Loss-in-Wt

Feeders and Complete Feeder


Application: Plaster Flow

Info: Vibra Screw Bin/Activator

Application: Weighing,

Cellulose Material, DOW

Info: 20 Yr Old KM Semi-
conductor Load Cells still functioning

Application: Direct PLC

Control of LIW Feeders

Info: Replaced Accurate proprietary controls with OPEN Allen Bradley (less hardware)

Application: Silo Weight and Hi Level, Plastics

Info: Recycler uses KM Silo Load Stands for direct weight and Bindicator Super-Safe Rotos

Application: Custom Bin and

Screw Conveyor Installation

Info: Powder Bulk PE Engineers
hung custom bins 30 feet above

Application: Custom Hopper

Info: Custom stainless surge hopper under NovaTec loader

Application: Weight, level, Moisture for Baby Food

Info: KM load cells, ABM ultrasonics and MoistTech online moisture

Application: Cereal Moisture

After Dryer

Info: Gage moisture before vitamin
and other liquids added

Application: Plastic Resin Level

Info: Troubleshooting Yo-Yo issues (center mounting is one problem)

Application: Glass Batch Silo Level

Info: KM multichannel sonic measures silo and Bindicator used for plug chute monitor

Application: Tunnel Diverter on

Glass Filled Polypro Resin

Info: Truck loading system

Design-Build-Installation of Plastic and Powder Handling Systems and Equipment


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