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Products and Applications Example 1


Application: 8 Asphalt Plants, Asphalt Weight

Info: AJAX Asphalt put KM Bolt-On strain gages in every plant

Application: Replace Accurate Feeder Controls and Integrate Extruder

Info: Fully integrated PLC system includes mixing, conveying, extrusion, QC, recipe

Application: Hi/Low Level of Flour

Info: New Bindicator VRF 2000 level sensor with autocalibration and test


Application: Sanitary Rotary Valves at OEM

Info: Rotary airlock on discharge of bulk bag unloader is easy to clean

Application: Flour, Vibrators and Bolt-On Load Cells

Info: Bakery need

Application: Networked Yo-Yo for Plastic Inventory

Info: Storage silos instrumented with digital Bindicator YO YO

Application: Cement and Bentonite Bolt-On Weight

Info: 8 pressure vessels weighed without lifting/moving /jacking

Application: Expanded PP/PE Storage and Conveying

Info: Complete design and installation

Application: Eductors for Powder Conveying/Mixing

Info: Convey solids and/or mix solids and liquids without rotary valves

Application: Tuning Fork Bindicator on Plastics

Info: No motors to replace like with a Roto and they work great in plastics

Application: Custom Bulk Bag Unloader

Info: Design/install of BBU and rotary valve system over reactor

Application: Bolt-On Weight Sensing

Info: Using horizontal beam for weight in shear

Design-Build-Installation of Plastic and Powder Handling Systems and Equipment


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